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Video Spinn Review – Introduction

The video is becoming more critical to the success of our business. According to many research, 80% of traffic come in the form of a video from the two largest Search Engine – Google and YouTube. Compared to the text posts, the video has the power to get 1200% more times traffic and leads. Using video in the market is a great strategy to get traffic and social shares.
As a result, I want to introduce you a video creation tool that creating a video with “set-and-forget” technology from a source file of images and clips. I think you can utilize it in your marketing campaign to boost leads and built list. Let’s see!

Video Spinn Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Easy To Use
  • Support
  • Bonus


  • Easy for anyone to start creating videos
  • Getting shares, likes to increase traffic and sales
  • Save time and money on video creation
  • No skills or experience required
  • Create content and backlinks quickly

Video Spinn Review – Overview

Product NameVideo Spinn
Creator & Author Anthony Aires
Launch Date 26 Mar 2018
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $27
Niche Software 
Refund30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommended

What Is It?

Video Spinn is the desktop software that we can use on both PC and Mac. It is designed with the purpose of cranking out up to 100 unique videos at a time just within a few clicks of the mouse. With me, it is so amazing compared to other tools in the market because it not only helps us to create videos but also ranks them on the top of Google and YouTube. Besides, Video Spinn is desktop based, so you will not pay any recurring fees to set up and produce videos. Even more, the number of videos created is unlimited.

About the Author – Anthony Aires

Anthony-AiresAnthony Aires is one of the most successful digital marketers as well as software creators. He is a famous authority video marketer making a science out of driving profits with video. He has succeeded with many product launches such as Azon Commission Crusher, URL Shot Gun, Tube Viper, and 10 Million Visitors, etc. In this recent launch, he spent much time and energy to create and develop it. With many years of experience in that field, I trust in him.

Features of Video Spinn

  • Video Spinn is developed with many advanced features to help you get the goal.
  • Fast bulk video creation: Create even 100 unique videos by some simple steps. And then you add it to your YouTube channels to get higher ranking
  • Optional Intro and Final Image: You can add your logo, and the contact information to make your video impressive
  • Video Transitions engage your viewers with pro-level effects.
  • Optional audio clips
  • Supported Video Formats for MP4, MPG, AVI, MOV, and FLV
  • Supported Image Formats in JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF
  • Choose the Filenames as you want
  • Spin Option lets the software randomly insert the exact number of images and clips
  • Join Option to make a single video from all the photographs in the Resource Folder
  • Watermark Option to protect your videos
  • Supported Audio Formats – MP3, WAV, WMA, ACC audio files
  • PC and Mac Compatible
  • The quick start guide and video walkthrough


How Does It Work?

In short, It’s really simple for anyone. Even if you are new to technology, you just need a little patience in these three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Add your folder of content and select the number of images to use in your video.
  • Step 2: Customize the intro and outro video
  • Step 3: Click the Spin button to get the unique videos

Watch the demo video here

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how Video Spinn works based on the video above:

  1. Set # Clips/Images per Project. For instance, if you set it to six each slideshow would consist of six images.
  2. Set your Min Duration per Image(s) which is how long each image will be displayed for
  3. Set Max Duration per Image(s) (located below minimum duration option in #3). For example, if you enter three seconds minimum and six seconds maximum, Video Spinn will randomly display each image between 3-6 seconds or you could enter “3” for both values & then each image would be displayed for three seconds.
  4. Set the Transition Time (ms) which is how long the transition effect will play
  5. Choose # Videos to Create which is the number of video clips you would like to create in your active project so if you enter “5” here, Video Spinn would proceed to generate five videos after you click “Spin” in step #11.
  6. Set your video quality (i.e. highest is HD quality)
  7. Select your watermark if you would like to have one (i.e. company logo for branding)
  8. Choose which Video Transition (transition effect between each image/video) that you would like to use (see below)
  9. Point to the source of the background music you would like to use (optional) by selecting your Music Folder. If you decide to use background music you’ll also choose whether you would like to play audio during the intro & outro.
  10. Select a custom image for your first & last images (optional)
  11. Click Spin & the software will proceed to create your videos based on your preferences!

Who Should Use It?

Video Spinn is a perfect choice for marketers who want to get social shares, social leads, and social sales. I suggest it for:

  • Video marketers
  • Social marketers
  • Webinar hosts
  • SEO providers
  • Business owners
  • Product creators
  • eCom store owners
  • List builders
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Udemy marketers


Advantages of Video Spinn

  • Easy for anyone to start creating videos
  • Getting shares, likes to increase traffic and sales
  • Save time and money on video creation
  • No skills or experience required
  • Create content and backlinks quickly

Price and Evaluation

With this system, you have many packages to choose depending on your needs and your budget.

  • The Front End pack costs $25 for a single license; $26 for three ones and $27 for unlimited install license
  • The Upgrade 1 – Video Assets Club brings royalty free photos, lower thirds, frames, instant commercial kits, and music. It costs $27 for a monthly membership or $197 for a yearly license.
  • The Upgrade 2 has brand new three-part course teaching you to build a hypnotic viral YouTube channel. It is priced at $97
  • The Upgrade 3 comes with 10 product power bundle, and it costs $19.95
  • The Upgrade 4 gives you great master-class with payment of $297

If you buy this software, you have right to choose many valuable bonuses such as:

  • Bonus #1: Training on how to instantly get on the first page of Google
  • Bonus #2: Developer rights to use Video Spinn
  • Bonus #3: Your choice of $20 in free vector graphics from Vector Tools

Besides that, you also get my very special bonus package below!

Video Spinn Review – Conclusion

In my opinion, we cannot ignore the Video Spinn if we want our business successful. I highly recommend it for all beginners who have never created the video but want to start that work simply. However, because the price will increase after the launch date, you will regret if you miss out that chance to get the big deal. It is hard for us to find other products having the similar functions as the Video Spinn. You should consider it carefully.
I hope my review is useful for you and it can help you in decision making. Don’t forget the 30-day money back guarantee ensuring your investment is risk-free. Thank you for your reading and good luck!


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