Top 5 Tips That Will Make Your Video Marketing Campaigns Thriving



The most obvious marketing trend in recent years is video! Unquestionably, video marketing has become a strategic tool for any business. In fact, videos were 50 times more likely to achieve an organic first page ranking than other traditional pages according to Forrester Research. Not only that, statistics show that in 2017, 74% of online traffic was directed to video content. Furthermore, landing page if included video would promote conversion up to 800%
Video-Gone-ViralAnd video marketing campaigns will continue to boom as social media marketing trends in the coming years will focus on video content. So from 2018 onwards, there will be thousands of opportunities open to video content developers. Take your chance and do not lose it.
If you are a video novice and are ready to shoot your first video, keep in mind Top 5 Tips That Will Make Your Video Marketing Campaigns Thriving.

Top 5 Tips That Will Make Your Video Marketing Campaigns Thriving

  • Focus on the content

I know that some people will ask that the ultimate goal of marketing is to create profit. So why do not we focus on the sale but content? To better understand this, let’s consider the following scenario. In Asian countries, brands often launch viral campaigns associated with major festivals such as Lunar New Year. Or in Europe or America, it would be about Christmas. This shows us that we should concentrate the value that you bring to your customers or attach our products to the things that consumers feel they are involved in.
To build a successful viral video, video-makers need to invest time and effort in professional content. That content must catch up with the trends of the community and ingeniously integrate its sale into it. Thereby, customers will find more cohesive with your product and will be motivated to buy.

  • Keep the viral video short and attractive

The length of a video is a significant factor that we always have to keep an eye on. Most customers tend to watch shorter clips than long ones. And the trend is also continuing to favor marketers producing viral videos that are less than a minute long. One example of this is YouTube. Now when you stream music on YouTube, there will be a short advertising video presented right before the content you want to watch.
Short videos will attract more attention as well as have a higher conversion rate than regular video. However, you have to invest serious and creative to be able to put all the necessary content into a short clip.

  • Be mindful of SEO

When it comes to SEO, everyone knows the importance of content rankings on popular search engines. Indeed, studies have shown that if your video is ranked at #1, you will receive 42% of the total traffic on the whole monthly search volume. This is a considerable number to prove the importance of SEO.
There are many factors you can improve to make your videos easier to be found by search engines. Keep in mind the keywords and tags that you will include in your video. The tags that are popular and related to your product and your interests can help you earn more views and more interaction.
Title and description are other factors that you should be aware of. This is because Google or other search engines have optimized their artificial intelligence system to find valuable video content. To better understand this, you should read Ez Review Videos Review.

  • Utilize the Social Media

It is predicted that 2018 will see a change in social media marketing. Video content will become the king of marketing instead of the traditional media.
Thus, you should move away from traditional media sources like newspapers, video sharing sites. Instead, upload your video content to Social Media. The reason you should do this is that your video will get more followers and views from the community. Social networks have developed their techniques for analyzing user behavior and sending video suggestions to them even when they are not asked for it.
Also, social videos have much better interactivity than other channels. Check out this speech by Ellon Musk which earned more than 13 Million views here.

  • Keep up with the trends

The marketing world is constantly changing to meet the new demands of the times. Tastes of customers are always changing too. And if you are left behind, it means you have missed your opportunity. Creating a video is not enough if it does not catch up with emerging trends in the market. Take advantage of the trending content that your target customers desperately need. Your videos will undoubtedly get more attention. In contrast, videos about buying CDs will surely have fewer views and interactivity than digital music download.

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To always be successful with video marketing, make sure that you apply the tactics suggested above. Your campaigns will be improved and attract a large number of leads and sales.
Thank you for reading my Top 5 Tips That Will Make Your Video Marketing Campaigns Thriving article. I hope the information above will help you strengthen your campaigns in the future. Stay tuned for more upcoming articles!

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