Techniques To Write EFFICIENT Blog

Blog is a place where you can freely develop your own. It is not as difficult as a website, and it is where you can express yourself. However, there are many of you want to write a blog but do not know how to develop it. Today, Gateway Review will guide you some small Techniques To Write EFFICIENT Blog that I think will help a lot for your blog.

The Techniques To Write EFFICIENT Blog
1. Select Topics

It is sometimes difficult for a writer to choose the subject of his next novel. It is not always that the subject is easy to come. To a professional blogger like Karthik Rajan who has the talent to attract 500,000 views and 8,535 followers on LinkedIn has admitted that he has a very hard time choosing the first writing topic on LinkedIn. So that, he chose the subject by inspiration, he wrote about what inspires him. The article is the first brick in his career and motivates him to go on. Of course, not everyone succeeds in the first post. You can do anything you like. The thing I want to say here is, you can pick whatever comes first in your head to make your topic, maybe it will fail, maybe you will get bored and create another topic. But it will help you, leading you to what suits you better.
Note: You should make sure not to copy the content of other blogs. Google is very hard, you should know it. Google will put your website at the bottom of the search results or even worse: not display your website on google.
Wanting Google to penalize is easy but rescues are very hard. You know that if your website is not on Google, it means that you have lost a major traffic source (visitor). Remember that “visitors” from Google are more trust the content of your website than visitors from Social Networks because many people will think that high quality content is always on the top of the Search Engine Result


2. Lets The Reader “Listen” First

“Listen” here is not the sound but the title. Most people buy books to read the title and preface of it. You may read my article, do not read 100% of the whole article, but only read its large items, ok, as long as I attract you and through which you can briefly understand whole My post is ok. However, from the preface, I lead you to read fully the article as a further success.
It is important not only that you have a subject that your articles must have titles and preface that appeal to the readers. An eye-catching header will help your website get more traffic from social networks or Google, but do not overdo it to become “shocking title”.
A standard SEO title will help your website can rank TOP of Google more easily. If you do not know how to write a standard SEO title, read this article or click on the image below:
So, I will statistic 5 characteristics of a standard SEO title:

  • The title is not too short and not too long
  • Use keywords in the title
  • The title on every page, the article of your website is separate, not identical
  • The title content is inviting
  • Add a brand name to the end of the title

how to write effective resume title

3. Using Longtail Keywords

As a guide to your search for keywords and topic writing, I also advised you to choose long keywords, fewer searches but it will be easier for your website to climb Google. Do not be greedy to choose difficult keywords, multiple searches but no one can find your article to read.

The hard keywords, many searches you only select 2-3 words to comprehensive SEO for blogs, these keywords will cover the content of your blog. For other content let’s select longtail keywords to write.

Longtai Keyword Phrases

4. Invest In Quality Content Well

Yes. “Content Is King”. Do not write in a few lines, create real value for the readers, you must think what are the readers want to find at the article and solve the problem of the readers through your article, do not let the readers have to find more posts.
For more writing, refer to the knowledge of front-page bloggers and foreign blogs to filter and express your way, there are many other blogs with the same theme as your blog. So take advantage of the knowledge in these blogs. Investigate your gray matter, add extra effort and see the article come out as your mental child.

Content Is King

5. Combine Short And Long Articles

There are many topics that require a lot of content to present, but there are also plenty of topics that do not require much writing. Keep researching keywords, you will find short and long topics, from which to publish the similar article.
A short article usually under 1000 words or less than 500 words is enough. The long article is for topics that require a lot of features to present or some of the main content on your blog topic, it will bring good quality blogs, long articles can be over 1500 words or more.

6. Write Articles Often

Write new posts for your blog regularly will help you:
Good for SEO, increase keyword rankings, the more good content, the more your website is appreciated
Increase the relationship with your readers, no one wants to read your article, waiting for you to write the next post that few weeks did not see.
Attract advertisers: You have a lot of good content, many hits from Google, advertisers will find it for you, so you will have the opportunity to make money online with blog.

7. Create A Series Of Articles

There are a number of “very long” topics that can not be covered in one or more articles, follow a series and inform your readers through Facebook, Fanpage, Email… Interested people will read more of your different articles and will often come back to your blog.
When your Series of Articles have 3 to 4 items, you should also create an article to sum up the order of these articles so that new readers can easily visualize and read in order, understand the content better.

Series Of Articles

8. Write About Articles With The Subject “All Times” (Authority)

The authority content is the articles that always have been searched on google annual, people alway search.
For example blogs on tourism, there are a number of topics as follows:
Where to travel in the spring / summer / autumn / winter, …
What to eat at …
Where to play when you come to …
Get as focused as you can on this everlasting subject. Because these topics will be searched throughout the year on Google, you will receive a lot of visitors and “permanent”, which will never go away.

9. Write About Trending Topics (Trends)

Interspersed with the topic of “authority,” the trending topic will have a lot of interest for a while and will be forgotten in the future… but not so, that you ignore it.
You timely update hot topics in the same field => There will be more people are more interested in your blog, will think that your blog updates quickly, in the future there is something new to return to your blog.
Moreover, trending articles will help Google evaluate your site higher. So check out the social network, the forum that’s on your topic, what’s the trending now, write articles on that topic.
There are two ways to deliver these trending articles to the reader:
Post your posts to communities, Facebook groups, … which have related topics
Your website has many hits => Please create a separate group or email the readers about these articles
You can apply both, but keep in mind that trending articles require you to provide accurate information if you do not want to get the “bricks” from readers.

Trending Topics

10. Use Internal Link

The effect of internal linking is relatively large, it will help your website firmly mounted, get high impact for SEO, and will help readers discover more problems that they may be interested in.

For example: If you want to find the best review page for Product Dyno then you’ve come to right place

The link above is an internal link If you are a blogger or will be a blogger, the 10 tips above are extremely useful to you, these are the basic techniques that a blogger needs to know, bookmark this page and open it when you need.

Internal Links

11. The Power Of The Team’s Morale

Being alone may be possible, but it will take a lot of effort. If you share and build with other friends, your blog will become richer and richer in content as well as in writing style
Try to find one or several fellow travelers who share your interests, if you have a fanpage, it is easy to recruit more members for your “enterprise”. Otherwise, the forums or group on Facebook Is an ideal place to do it. Do not be shy about sharing your work together, you will be amazed at how much work will be reduced, and, if given away, will be received, right?

“With an enthusiastic team, you can achieve almost anything.” -Tahir Shah

12. Be Unique

The secret lies in how you listen to your readers. Blogging sometimes has feedbacks, criticizes… Instead of feeling sad, you should feel the opposite because it is the most valuable advice. You can proactively ask your readers for suggestions. For example, you can write about how to make SEO effective and at the end of the post, you can ask your readers, if so, please leave a comment. Rather than reading and not responding. Your end sentence will create interactivity, perhaps readers will recommend you to add this spice, the other spice, from which you will draw a lot of interesting and can determine the unique direction for your blog.

Be Unique

Techniques To Write EFFICIENT Blog
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