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Whether you want to admit or not, Facebook is very important in the online business industry. This means that Optimize Facebook Fan Page is increasingly important and any good SEO strategy should also include. In this article, let’s learn with Gateway Review about the methods for Optimize Facebook Fan Page for SEO.


Choose The Best Name For Your Facebook Fan Page

First thing, obviously choose a good name. This is the most basic step and it is also one of the most important things. There are a few things to pay attention to here.

– You may be attracted by some keywords like “buy laptop, fix laptop, repair phone” but actually it is like spam and you will leave right away instead of visiting it. They are more likely to not share anything and may not follow you from their personal page.

– On the other hand, if you put a name that is too general, you may not receive regular post updates. Facebook expects from the fan page that it represents the real things, true personalities and businesses, and overly generic names spoil it.

Choose The Best Name For Your Facebook Fan Page

But don’t put too many keywords into the Fan Page name. A name that is too commercial, which is stuffed with too many keywords related to the product is the fastest way to kill your fanpage. What do you think of the fanpage called “Brad Bakery – Pancakes, Bagel, Biscuits, Bread and Event Catering”? Not only hard to remember, customers also hard to interact with the fan page, as well as introduce to others.

Create a custom URL for your FanPage

Once your fan page reaches 25 likes, Facebook allows you to create your own URL so you can easily access the site later. The important thing here is that search engines like friendly URLs and you should pay attention to this. The most important thing is that your URL should describe your business, items you business,…


Find strategic placement for keywords

The basic form of on-page SEO is always keyword optimization. You have the task of describing the Fanpage to be used as SEO elements, so pay close attention to them. The SEO title is your Fanpage name, the meta description is the fan page name and the introduction.

You can see more clearly in the example below:

  • SEO Title = your Fan Page name (contains keyword)
  • Meta Description = Fan Page name + About your page (contains keyword)
  • H1 = your Fan Page name (contains keyword)

If you want to be optimized for local searches, you should include addresses, cities, and other locations.
For product search, you will need product fields with complete information about your product, business, and field of activity.

Create a content strategy and stick with it

As we know it, the most important aspect of SEO is content. As Facebook emerges, content becomes more important, and Facebook Fanpage managers allow you to add additional text to your page along with hyperlinks and images.

Facebook is becoming more and more important in the SEO industry, there are definitely more options for content, and maybe even for blogging, similar to Joomla or WordPress. This means that you should be adjusting your content strategy now.


Don’t forget your contact information

Although your primary goal may be online sales, many people do not realize that contact information such as address and phone number is very important in SEO. In this way, search results can bring you more traffic, and it’s amazing how many people abandon this. Google algorithms place greater emphasis on pages with this specific type of information, and this adds significant value to SEO.

A business-owned fan page has a full profile that will help to better reach customers. Many searches are performed directly from the fanpage’s introductory page. Attention to this factor helps businesses promote their image, organization better. In addition, the profile on the fanpage full help customers peace of mind when trusting your business.

Put backlinks on your fan page

Google is interested in page visits, and this is best appreciated by some of the links pointing to your page. This is why bloggers find it very important to have content related to sites that have the right to link to their traffic. The same applies to Facebook fan page, so placing links on other channels such as website, or a profile on Twitter or Youtube can help a lot.

Facebook Backlink

Explore more:

Post photos reinforcing the brand

As a new business appears on the online market, the promotion – communication Brand is very necessary. After having the appropriate image, sharing it to the fan page needs to be done scientifically and methodically. Negative color, the background color around the image must always be consistent is the first element to adhere to.

Please note that there are different resolutions for the cover image to display a smaller resolution on the smartphone. To get more impact, you can add a link to the campaign in your annotation, or even a link to your whole site.

Help naming images

Besides, posts about image description often increase the sympathy with the brand of a user. Choose the image that can first attract yourself! Because when you manage the fan page, you are also a loyal fan. There, you have to put yourself in the context of the user. If I met this image, would I be interested? Answer this question, then put the image up and include a short description that invites the fans to interact. The secret:

  • Create more inspiration, provocation or humor to the description.
  • Search for images on Reddit’s Pics, Flickr Creative Commons, Shutterstock, and iStockphoto (reminding people to excerpt the source if they intend to share it).
  • It is possible to use this form as a contest and participants will have the opportunity to receive gifts.

Optimize your status updates

The first 18 characters of each Facebook post are used as meta descriptions, and this should not be forgotten. Using them as a good title will optimize the search including direct linking to your site in status updates table.

Tip: Similar to the fan page name, Google will appreciate the first words in your update, so take advantage of it to insert a few keywords.


If you are trying to business more effective and catch more orders or increase traffic to your site, then immediately combine all the tips above to get the best effect.

And don’t forget the overall goal of SEO Facebook is to add value to the overall brand. Note the correlation between “raw” traffic and the degree of constraint.┬áIf you have any questions, leave a comment here. Use your real or nickname, I will be glad to reply.

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