Lifetime.Hosting Diamond 12 Review – The Last Web Hosting You Will Ever Buy


Have you ever been happy because you were introduced to sign up a hosting for just $1.99/mo and when it needed to be renewed, you’ve shockingly realized its price is $8.99/mo – $11.59/mo? Increase up to 400%? Or have you ever lost your website & hosting data because the hosting renews invoice was sent to your spam folder? And the cost is expensive enough to make you spend over $100 on data recovery as well as refreshing the hosting service.

Do you think it would be great if after signing up for web hosting, the price of the renewal will remain forever $0? It also means that you will never have to receive invoices for renewal hosting. As a result, your website will remain active without having to worry about losing your data or going down.

Yes, the truth is that there are so many providers offering such services but today I will introduce you to a strongly discounted offer for its second launch. If you still want to learn more about the opportunity to own a lifetime hosting at the discounted price with two extra lifetime domain and other bonuses, then please keep track of the next parts of my Lifetime.Hosting Diamond 12 Review below.

Lifetime.Hosting Diamond 12 Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Easy To Use
  • Support
  • Bonus


  • Faster Loading Websites ( better hardware, software & support )
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 100 % Drag And Drop Website Builder
  • Two Extra Lifetime Domain
  • $395 in Advertising Credits

Lifetime.Hosting Diamond 12 Review – Overview

Product NameLifetime.Hosting Diamond 12
Creator & Author Richard Madison
Launch Date 18 July 2018
Launch Time 11:00 AM EST
Front-End Price $127.00
Niche Hosting
Bonus Yes. Massive Bonus
Recommend Recommended

What Is It?

Hosting is … it would be ridiculous if I have to explain that to you. Lifetime.Hosting Diamond 12 is simply a lifetime hosting platform where users only need to pay once to make it work until the service provider run out of business. But don’t worry about that, their parent company has been in business and maintained an excellent reputation for 28 years.

This platform will work on OS and MySQL source code with RAID Enterprise Sata Storage, connected through 1 Gbps Network for faster web page loading speed. Combined with Litespeed Web Server and CloudLinux which has the ability to prevent individual websites from using too many resources & provide better server speed and security to the community.


richard madison

Richard Madison is the father of Lifetime.Hosting company (same name with the product), which also means that his business is completely focused on providing hosting and they have been providing web hosting for a long time, actually more than 14 years with 6 different companies. Includes premium brands that sell shared hosting for as much as $720/year and as little as $24/year.

With that enormous experience, Richard decided to create Lifetime.Hosting and started to launch for the first time in 2016, helping him bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of positive testimonials. To make things better, Richard has added the extra value in this launch:

Two Lifetime Domain Registrations with Privacy

This means that you will have two lifetime registration domains with privacy in each package without having to pay any fees. However, it is limited to the following domain tail:,,,,,, or domain name.

Mobile / Responsive Builder

You build your website once and it will automatically optimize for desktop, tablets, phones or any kind of visual device. With their Mobile / Responsive builder – Build once and display anywhere.

$395 in Advertising Credits

To help you succeed in marketing: $50 LinkedIn Sponsored Content, $50 Amazon Sponsored Product, $20 Bidvertiser, $100 Perfect Audience Retargeting, $100 Bing, $75 Google Adwords will be added in every package.

The Main Features Of Lifetime.Hosting Diamond 12

Here Are Just A Few Of The Powerful Features:

cPanel Control Panel

Perhaps you know, cPanel is the best control panel today for managing data, databases, settings, create email accounts, review your hosting stats and more.

Enterprise RAID Storage

They provide you with the lightning fast RAID storage and unlimited bandwidth to power your websites. For those who are still struggling with slow web speed, this is one of the fastest web hosting on the market today.

Unlimited Email Accounts

You can create as many 500 MB email accounts, auto-responders, and forwarders needed for your websites or business.

Free Website Builder

Lifetime.Hosting Diamond 12 allows you to set up web pages quickly without requiring any scripting, coding or HTML skills. You don’t need to be a programmer to create professional-stunning websites.

Applications & Tools

The truth is, with Cpanel this is an obvious feature. Users can install any favorite applications for their website with one click, including WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce, Gallery!

Unlimited 24/7 Support

For a longtime business like that, this is the smallest thing you can hope for. Their support team is available 24/7/365 in their member center to solve any problems users might have.


Who Should Get It?

 From a beginner to a seasoned marketer, there is a reason for you to get it. With a beginner and really want to make money from online marketing, you will not know how long you will touch the hosting, maybe it will become your official job and forever after. So if you start now, it’s going to be a smart start because you’ll save a lot of extra hosting costs month after month, year after year.

With a business expert, having a lifetime storage makes it easy to manage your website in one place. And you don’t have to worry about the website going down or the missed renewal invoices because you are too busy with work.

With 24/7/365 support and over 14 years in hosting experience, Lifetime.Hosting can be a reliable web hosting for some individuals. However, it is not for a team or for businesses with large amounts of resources. They use CloudLinux to partition accounts to prevent that because otherwise, it will slow down their servers.



  • Faster Loading Websites ( better hardware, software & support )
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 100 % Drag And Drop Website Builder
  • Two Extra Lifetime Domain
  • $395 in Advertising Credits


Lifetime.Hosting Diamond 12 is not for customers

  • looking for unlimited websites & unlimited storage
  • that should be on a VPS or a dedicated server
  • looking for an online storage repository


Lifetime.Hosting Diamond 12 in this launch will cost $27 for the smallest package up to $127 for the largest package. However, after the launch time prices will increase rapidly, and the advertising bonus may also be terminated at any time based on the advertiser’s terms and conditions. It is best to secure yourself a slot before the discount expires.

Besides, Lifetime.Hosting also has 1 Front End and 3 OTO:
Note that: The price below shows the front end price and will increase day by day.

Front End – Lifetime Hosting

  • Copper 1 for $14.95 – includes hosting for 1 website, 250 Mb storage. (Early Bird Save $5) >>See Detail<<
  • Nickel 4 for $37 – includes hosting for 4 websites, 4 Gb storage. (Early Bird Save $10) >>See Detail<<
  • Diamond 12 for $67 – includes hosting for 12 websites, 12 Gb storage. (Early Bird Save $20) >>See Detail<<

OTO1 – Triple Up

$27 – $127 – They will triple your resources for the same price you paid on the front end. That means buy 2 get 1 🙂 (Early Bird Save $5 – $20)

OTO2 – Domain Bundle

  • Diamond $67 – 12 lifetime domains with lifetime privacy. (Early Bird Save $20) >>See Detail<<
  • Ruby $37 – 6 lifetime domains with lifetime privacy. (Early Bird Save $10) >>See Detail<<

OTO3 – Add-on Bundle

  • Diamond $77 -Includes unlimited lifetime SSL certificates, lifetime priority backup & recovery, white glove cPanel migration and 6 lifetime domains with lifetime domain privacy (a $339.40 value) (Early Bird Save $20) >>See Detail<<
  • Ruby $37 – Includes unlimited lifetime SSL certificates, lifetime priority backup & recovery and 1 lifetime domain with lifetime domain privacy (a $119.85 value) (Early Bird Save $10) >>See Detail<<

Lifetime.Hosting Review – Conclusion

Over the past 1 year, the service has worked very well, but no one has experienced Lifetime.Hosting long enough to give you an accurate conclusion on the quality in the long run. In short, the final decision is up to you.

However, if you are still confused about that then please note that the product also has 30 Days Money Back Guarantee along with 100% Risk-free. So you do not have to be afraid to experience it. Finally, thank you for reading my Lifetime.Hosting Diamond 12 Review. Hopefully, it will help you make the right decision.

Take-Action-To-Get-BonusExclusive Bonus Package

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Bonus 4: Internet Marketing Mastery


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Bonus 5: HTML 101 Kickstart


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Bonus 9: 123 Logo Kit

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Bonus 10: Internet Business Startup Kit Advanced

Internet Business Startup Kit Advanced

Bonus 11: Instant Mobile Site

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Bonus 12: Local Lead Booster

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Bonus 13: Content Marketing Boosters

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Bonus 14: Social Media Marketing Boost

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Bonus 15: WP Ez Viral Contest

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Bonus 16: WP Ecomify

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Bonus 18: WP Email Countdown

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Bonus 19: Your Blogging Success Guide

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Bonus 20: WP Magic Page

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Step 2: After you complete the order, send an email with your [the receipt id] to my email address: or just use my contact form here.

Step 3: I will send all bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait for your bonus.

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