iPage Hosting Review: Don’t Buy It Before You Read This Review


IPage.com is the 1st web hosting provider in the world, with more than 10 years of experience providing web hosting for corporate clients, individuals, social networks, portals, … iPage. com is highly appreciated by excellent service quality, enthusiastic support staff with more than 800 employees and especially the price of iPage.com is quite soft with just $ 1.99 per month.

iPage Hosting Review

iPage Hosting Overview

Launched in 1998, been for more than 15 years, iPage is active in the field of web hosting; With its seasoned experience, iPage offers extremely high quality and reliable web hosting services. As the world’s leading provider of hosted services, iPage has everything customers need for the hosting service they provide.

IPage now has more than 800 employees who can support customers anytime, anywhere 24/7, and serve more than one million websites in six data centers around the world; Manages over 1.5 million domain names in more than 150 countries. That includes over 25 of the world’s most popular brands being served by iPage.

Reliability Of Web Hosting At iPage

Perhaps this is a redundant answer because, with more than 15 years of hosting service, iPage has been confirmed by most customers to be reliable. IPage engineers have optimized the server hardware (Dell’s hardware, which is also extremely well-known for durability and reliability for enterprise customers) to be able to monitor 24/7 and detect, correct any minor errors before it can even adversely affect iPage customers.

About the uptime ratio of the server (real-time server activity), https://gateway-review.com/ rated the iPage uptime of 99.5% – an extremely excellent number – meaning that it rarely dropped connections, though. Some places can rate this rate of iPage up to 99.9%.

iPage Hosting Average Uptime

( iPage hosting – full data can be found here.)

But iPage’s page load time was 866ms, making it just 22% faster than the average of the competition (1052ms). One month, they even reached over 2000ms!
This is almost ridiculous, especially when some of the best web hosts that frequently provide page load speeds under 500ms.

Pros of iPage Hosting

  1. Cheap Hosting
  2. Good Customer Support
  3. Advanced Security Options
  4. Third Party Application Support
  5. Upfront, Honest Pricing

Cons of iPage Hosting

  1. Slow Page Loading Times
  2. Expensive Renewal Costs
  3. vDeck instead of cPanel

iPage’s Essential hosting package

Disk space: Unlimited, but up to 200,000 files – a rare number of sites have achieved
Bandwidth (bandwidth): Unlimited
Domain Name: free first year
MySQL: Unlimited
Give promotional money to advertise on Facebook and Google, Bing / Yahoo …
Free SiteLock security tools
Create free online booths
Free listing on the directory: yellowpages.com/

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iPage has a convenient control panel

IPage’s control panel is called vDeck, was built exclusively by iPage engineers. vDeck has an extremely user-friendly interface, whether it’s a beginner or whether you’re familiar with cPanel, …

ipage control panel 2017

You can easy to get acquainted & use iPage functions in just a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the simple, clear & friendly interface of vDeck. Besides, iPage also provides a short clip (login to iPage to see) so you quickly understand the functions of vDeck.

Features & Benefits Of iPage Hosting

First of all, must to mention that is the free domain name for the first year, if you have your own domain name, you can use this plus factor for another domain name.

IPage’s 1-Click Software

iPage uses SimpleScripts for its 1-Click application package, meaning you can easily install 70+ popular scripts quickly in one click. The most popular script today: WordPress, phpBB, PunBB, SiteLock
If you feel iPage’s 1-Click is still not enough to meet your needs, iPage still has Easy Site Builder with hundreds of templates for you to design your website quickly with full drag & drop tools very intuitive.

Free Advertising Credits

This is the most valuable factor when you use iPage hosting service, Free Advertising Credits give you the promotion code to activate:

  • $ 100 for ads on Google.
  • $ 50 for ads on Facebook.
  • $ 100 for advertising on Bing.
  • Include other free incentive packages to post your website on paid directories.
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Tools to build a free online shopping cart

iPage offers several tools for you to easily build online shopping sites with just a few simple steps. Unlike other web host providers, iPage lets you choose one of many online shopping cart tools such as: ShopSite, osCommerce and AgoraCart.


iPage online shopping cart

All are free shopping cart tools with the hosting service you use on iPage, you can easily choose a beautiful interface to decorate your sales page.

Customer support

With more than 800 employees and nearly 20 years of experience providing web hosts, iPage can assist clients with fast and professional, inquiries and questions will be answered almost immediately.

iPage supports customers through the following forms:

  • Through live chat (chat support): when not yet a customer you can still use
  • Web-based support: only for customers with accounts
  • Knowledgebase: FAQs along with instructions for using iPage features
  • Mail directly to iPage support: support(at)ipage-inc.com
  • Emergency Numbers: + 1-877-472-4399 (International call to USA)

Page Load Speed

As mentioned, iPage has cheap hosting service, great support but has a quite bad load time.
Website speed is not just a measure of vanity. Slow page loading times negatively impact SEO, which means lower rankings. Slow website speed can also convert tank conversations by making people leave your site in sequence.
But if you are a beginner, do not care about SEO, just set up a website about yourself, your company’s brand or just a non-profit blogger, a guy shares information, then iPage Hosting Services is a perfect choice.

iPage Hosting Review – Conclusion

iPage is extremely worthwhile if you need a quality web host, but the price is not too high, your websites will always work but the load time will be a nuisance.
If you have any problems/questions before / during using iPage, you can contact here or my fan page on facebook for quick support.


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