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Build Email Marketing to cater to Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing is a quick and effective form of marketing. Bloggers can use email marketing to introduce their products and services to readers who are interested in a certain product such as promotion information on a product, course … If a blogger has built a data email marketing, the chances of success in affiliate marketing are very promising.

There are many ways to build email marketing data. However, whether like it or not, bloggers have to ensure that the collection and use of email in general and email marketing, in particular, must ensure the purpose of compliance with the law on the collection and use of email.

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As mentioned in the previous article, the blogs that serve affiliate marketing nowadays are commonly built on the CMS WordPress platform because of the convenience and speed of the open source code. The job of collecting email for blogs using open source WordPress will be simpler. If you are a programmer or a person with programming knowledge, you can easily create a simple opt-in to collect email. Visitors to the blog. However, for those who are not well versed in programming, it’s becoming more difficult to customize an opt-in to collect email.

However, do not worry too much, Plugin system of WordPress will have tools to help you create simple opt-in to build email marketing.

The following are the tools that Gateway Review has tested and found to be very relevant in its development strategy of email marketing.

1. Newsletter Signup

This is a pretty effective plugin for increasing the number of emails. This plugin will help you customize opt in through two forms as follows:

  • You can create an email receive check box in the comment section so readers will be able to subscribe to receive news from your blog
  • You can also easily customize the registration form with short code anywhere in the post.

This plugin works very well with email marketing services like Aweber, MailChimp, and even Icontact.

Newsletter Signup

2. Pippity

Many bloggers use pop up ads to increase the ability to subscribe email of readers every time they visit the blog. Popup’s aesthetics are proportional to the reader’s email subscription rate. There are currently many online marketing support tools that help create opt-in subscriptions. However, these plugins are usually costly, sometimes you do not have the ability to use these plugins.

Pippity is an alternative option to significantly increase the number of emails that are totally free. Some of the functions that Pippity can perform are as follows:

  • Perform a popup for a predefined set of readers.
  • Do not display pop-up continuously, you can choose to display for the first reader visit the blog.
  • Allow popup display when the reader finished reading the article.
  • Other functions…

3. Hello Bar

Hellobar is a script that supports to create the message in the header of the website as shown below.

At the present you can use Hellobar with free content 25 clicks monthly, if you feel effective you can upgrade to pro content to use.

According to me, the message in the header is very effective, you can link to the squeeze page to collect email of readers.

Hello Bar

4. Jbar

This is a script that helps you create messages on the header like Hellobar. The way it works is like Hellobar. It is quite interesting that this script is completely free, unlike Hellobar you only get 25 free clicks in a month and if you want to increase the number of clicks then you have to pay. This is a pretty interesting discovery. You can experience this script code in the link from the title.

5. Optinmonster

To build an email list requires that you set the email subscription form for users in the correct location. OptinMonster is the best tool to do this task.
You can add lightbox, popups, slides in the registration form, sidebar form … it allows you to track the performance of each form on your site.

Good news for readers of Gateway Review: Subscribe for the form below to get free OptinMonster! – Gateway Review promises to give readers a lot of useful tools to help you make money online in the future and I absolutely will not spam your email.

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6. Comment Redirect

Comment Redirect is a plugin that helps you increase the number of comments on your blog. However, if you know the combinations, this plugin also helps you increase the number of email lists. You can do that by creating a redirect to the squeeze page that sets the opt-in to encourage readers to subscribe to email for readers comment on your blog the first time

These tools above will help you quite a lot when you want to build your own data on email marketing. However, anyway, the construction of email marketing and use them must have a reasonable strategy. Affiliate Marketing is mindful of the phrase “let go before you want to get back”, readers are ready to send you their email but they also want to receive information when agreeing to provide email, if the information they receive is of no value, then, of course, they will unsubscribe immediately.

7. MailPoet 2

MailPoet 2

Another free email marketing WordPress plugin that sends and distributes newsletters and posting announcements or autoresponder in a beautiful and personal way. You can drop posts, images, or social icons in your newsletter. You can also change fonts and colors quickly. This is a simple newsletter solution for WordPress, which manages all your subscribers. The free version is available if you have a maximum of 2,000 subscribers.
Some main features of MailPoet 2 free version:

  • Drag-and-drop newsletter designer
  • Send your latest posts automatically
  • Autoresponders (e.g., “send email 3 days after someone subscribes”)
  • Send emails to your WordPress users
  • Start collecting subscribers in 2-clicks with our subscription widget
  • Selection of over 70 themes. Photoshop files included!
  • Sending newsletters in the free version is limited to 2000 subscribers
  • Get statistics for your newsletters: opens, clicks, unsubscribes

In short, marketing tools are necessary but the content is still the most important. Please consider carefully before sending an email providing information to your customers, put yourself in their place to see if they would like to receive such information. Don’t run for the number that the results of the email marketing plan don’t achieve anything.

Finally, I hope that this article will help you once more. If you have any good tool then share the tools you know by leaving a comment below this article.

Email Marketing Construction Support Tool For WordPress
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