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Covert Commissions Review

Covert Commissions Review – Introduction

With the fast growing development of the Internet, more and more people earn a stable income from online affiliate marketing, and from some marketing platforms such as JVZoo, PayKickStart, Clickbank. Also, email marketing has still remained its popularity. The most obvious proof for this is that there are more products being launched every day.
However, is it really that easy? Or is it really that simple? No, not at all. In general, it takes a very long time to be able to earn money from affiliate marketing which has discouraged some marketers recently.
What if I told you there was a product that can shorten the amount of time you have to spend on these platforms but still deliver the same results? It’s called Covert Commissions. If you are interested in this product, follow my Covert Commissions Review to find out more about it! Let’s get started!

What is Covert Commissions?

The Covert Commission is a new affiliate marketing system developed by three well-known online marketing experts: Soren Jordansen, John Merrick, and Cindy Battye, from IM Wealth Builders.

The Covert Commissions products are a complete, “done for you” sales funnels. It’s all there, from the main screen capture page to the autoresponder to the sales page to distribute the product to subsequent sales. Covert Commissions are designed to be a plug-and-play system that helps you make money from affiliate marketing easily, even if you have no clue as to any aspect of affiliate marketing.

After years of development, Cindy Donovan has added in some incredible new systems to make it even MORE profitable than before. That I will tell you more below.


Covert Commissions Review – Overview

Product Name Covert Commissions
Creator & Author Cindy Donovan
Launch Date 19 Oct 2017
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $37
Niche General
Bonus Yes. Pick One
Recommend Highly Recommended

About author 

Cindy Donovan is the vendor of this app. She has been working in affiliate marketing for such a long time. During this time, she has gathered a huge load of experience and knowledge that could help new marketers survive better. Therefore, recently, she has launched a lot of products for newbies including Vid Genie, WP Blazer, Rank Hijack and now Covert Commissions.
Let’s switch to the next part of the Covert Commissions Review to find out what it can do to your business.

FEATURES & BENEFITS Of Covert Commissions

Literally, everything is done for you automatically including:

  • Squeeze Pages Links
  • Promote high-converting offers
  • Highly responsive emails
  • Bonus packages creation for each promotion
  • Mailing affiliate links in each promotion

As I said, in this relaunch, the author has added some new features to her “baby”, her true passion.

List Segmentation

Cindy has built an advanced sales machine

When the subscriber joins, they come across an AR (much shorter) sequence, receive a gift and tracking some content and a few targeted ads.
Then … they get offered some more free gifts (no email required), where Cindy uses to switch to more targeted lists.
When they are in these new lists, they will receive notifications of relevant product releases when they are released, complete with the bonuses she has created and the products that she has evaluated.

Improved Tracking

Users can see results whenever they get a sale by Covert Commissions.

Covert Commissions Improved Tracking
Those results will be yours forever – lifetime commissions for YOU!

More Missions & Achievements

She added more 16 missions: Email Force, Convert Proof, Outgrow, Eezygram, Repwarn, Commission Gorilla, SociDeck, InstaGenius, Traffic Studio, VidSkippy, VidViral, SendEngine, Bonus Monkey and more … and 1-4 new ones being released once a week.

No Public Lifetime Membership Level

As Cindy said: “people can see the value in a monthly service, and… as you see above, when it’s making them money – it’s one of the last subscriptions they’ll ever cancel. Which makes it awesome for you!”

Well, to be honest, I do not see what’s awesome here…

But, the main feature of Covert Commissions is still to bring you as much traffic as possible. There is nothing that requires setup, hosting or coding at all. All you do is to get a link, promote it and commissions just automatically coming to your site.
Covert Commissions lets you know how you could get sales and where to get them. Each promotion email has a tracking ID which allows you to track how much money you can make from a JVZoo account.

How does it work?

As I mentioned earlier, Covert Commissions is a software for newbies mainly, so it is super simple and easy to use. Instead of facing a lot of problems and troubles while making email lists, creating squeeze pages, giveaway items, that sort of thing, Covert Commissions offers a short way. In short, you just have to look at the short video I attached above is enough.

Gateway Review Free Trial

Who should use it?

If you are a newbie to affiliate marketing, Covert Commissions would be the easiest way to get you as much profit as possible. What you need to do is to send people the link that has provided inside Covert Commissions. There is a full walkthrough video that gives you a very clear instruction on how to do it.
If you have yet to have a JVZoo or Clickbank account, the vendor also provides a detailed guideline. Covert Commissions is a very thorough and comprehensive product.
If you have been working in the field for a while, perhaps the tool can help you add banners to thank you pages as well as giveaway stuff. I don’t think this app would provide a lot of help for experienced marketers. Covert Commissions mainly focuses on beginners.

Pros and Cons of Covert Commissions


  • Effective
  • Newbie friendly
  • Affordable
  • Provide an effective tracking system


Not suitable for marketers who want to upgrade their career in the higher level.


In this part of the Covert Commissions Review, I am going to list some points that Covert Commissions outperform other conventional product. Let’s check one by one:
First of all, Covert Commissions requires only a one-time payment. If you prefer a membership access then, in this case, there will be a monthly payment. So it all depends on you.
Secondly, the vendor does not take any percentage from your commissions. It all goes directly to your account. Just put in your affiliate account and receive the link. It’s as easy as a piece of cake.
Thirdly, you don’t have to share any piece of sensitive information apart from your JVZoo number (Clickbank ID). This number is for the vendor to create the affiliate links for you.

User experience

As this app comes with a 30 days money back guarantee, there is nothing much to worry about whether it works or not. You will have up to 30 days to decide.
Their customer service is satisfying. Although it can take a bit longer to receive responses, they do try very hard to help you out.

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Covert Commissions Review – Conclusion

This is the end of my Covert Commissions Review. I hope what I have shared here helps you make the right choice. Despite some slight drawbacks, I would still prefer this app to others. Particularly newbies, this is a tool you definitely should not miss out on.
If there is any problem happen while you are trying Covert Commissions, just contact the vendor and ask for help. They would be willing to.
Finally, I hope my Covert Commissions Review has provided you with useful information about a support system that can change the way you making money. And After Complete The Purchase, Click Here To Get Your Massive Bonus. Thank you for reading my review. Best Regard!

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