Common Mistakes In Email Marketing That You Should Avoid

Marketing through Email Marketing is a very effective form when sent to the right audience, the right time and the right content to send, but use Email Marketing improperly will very easy to make mistakes are not worth and lose a large number of potential customers. Here are the mistakes that should be avoided in Email Marketing.

Email Marketing Mistakes

The First Mistake, Send A Message When The Customer Has Not Allowed

The email reader is the one will decide whether they want to start the sales transactions from email or not. This is also the legal difference between an email marketer and a spammer. So first of all, you must ask for an order to the consent of the recipient before sending any marketing message.

Your email must also incorporate an unsubscribe button so the recipient can easily unsubscribe from the email. If the customers do not agree, your message will be treated as spam, may be removed or ignored, and will be in the spam folder. Asking for customer reviews is not just about showing courtesy, it’s about complying with the law.

Second, Send Email Without Test First

Before you start an email marketing campaign take the time to send it to yourself first, then check whether the email displayed on the device types is okay or not, does the email have any misspellings?… Use the A / B testing feature in the marketing tool to test the different email templates to see what works effectively, then use the best email form to send to all the people in your email campaigns list.

Third, Underestimate The Title And The Sender

The key to the success of an email marketing campaign tied to two commonly overlooked elements is the title and the sender. These two factors are extremely important as it determines whether the recipient is open or not open.The Title And The Sender

First, they need to recognize you so you should not change the sender during the customer care process. Second, you need to pay attention to the title that attracts readers, for example: A title of “June Newsletter” will be less attractive than the title is “[News] 7 Ways to Efficient Email has been proven”. However, the title is attractive, but we should not use the title too outrageous and unrelated to the content of the email, it will have the opposite effect.

4. Incorrect Disposal Of Unsubscribe

Your customers should be able to unsubscribe with up to 2 clicks, without having to receive a confirmation message, and no need to enter an email address or login password to their account.

If you making it difficult for recipients to unsubscribe, if they do not cancel, can have a negative impact, your customers may be complaining about your email and put your email into spam. You may be spamming too much and you will be locked out of your account and your credibility will deteriorate in the eyes of the customer.

5. Email Is Too Easy To Delete

Make sure the “Sender” header on your email represents the brand name of the company or trademark, not the manager or any individual. Recipients do not know about the manager or the individual in your company, so you should not enter your personal or manager name in the “sender” section of your email.

Similarly, you must make sure that the email header clearly explains what’s in the email: “30% discount on all products”, “Tips for weight loss solutions for you” …

Note: First check your email through a spam filter to make sure that your email header does not contain elements such as capitalized letters (ABC), exclamation marks (!!!), and generally offers … are things that are easily caught by SPAM filters. And the content of the email you send must be true to your target audience and valuable to them. This will be in the process of sorting your list.

6. Overloaded Information

Regular marketers try to cram too much information into an email that makes the reader bored and leave. So you lose a chance to reach customers. You can not achieve long-term sales goals in a single email, each email only fits into a specific marketing plan, addressing a few specific issues. Do not try to convey too much information for many different purposes. Emails with short, concise and focused content always attract the attention of readers, from that, urge them to act according to what you desire.

Overload Information

Do you like this?

Some regular marketers are always sending out emails with too many offers, as a result, customers are far more likely to stay away from those emails. You should not offer too much, let’s use the Plato recipe, 8 Email share and 2 Sales emails, then no one will blame you, everyone must make a living.

7. Writing email title is too outrageous

Are you free if someday, a letter sends to you titled: “10 things that make you become mediocre forever!”. Some readers are too angry to immediately click on Email and reply immediately with annoyance. Gently suggest and of course, these people will never buy from you anything.

Some people will silently press your unsubscribe button. One good day you will see your customer drop significantly only because of your sensational title writing skill that you created. Most customers will immediately delete your email immediately after reading the titles too … disgusting.

*Some Other Mistakes

Other email marketing mistakes

– Your email marketing content write style is too long: there is nothing worse than reading a long email, especially when reading on mobile phones. You should focus on the important content and express it impressively with the reader.

– Not categorize your email clients list: Do not send a single email content to all customers on your list. According to the formula “divide and conquer” you must create the letter appropriate to each target audience, in accordance with the issues they are interested in.

– Promise in the title: for example, “open this letter, your wishes will come true” this will be a nuisance to the reader.

– Speak only without instructing the customer to take action: let specify what the customer should do after reading the email with the call to action buttons such as “register now”, “buy now”.

– Not measure the effectiveness of Email Marketing Campaign: Evaluation of the results that Email Marketing campaign is extremely necessary to help you look back on the campaign and learn lessons to better campaign.

The above errors should be avoided in Email Marketing, do you see any errors in your own here? If yes, fix it now or else remember it so that it doesn’t make mistakes are regretted.

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Common Mistakes In Email Marketing That You Should Avoid
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