Bonus Pack #1 – SEO & Traffic Booster

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Bonus #1 – Building An Affiliate SEO Business (Price: $499) 

Office Site: 
Building an Affiliate SEO Business

The course that’ll help you go from start to finish with building an affiliate site, ranking it, growing it, making bank and eventually selling the site for upwards of 6 figures – All backed up with real sites making real money. 

Bonus #2 – InstaOptins (Price: $497) 

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Insta OptinsInstaOptins is a simple, yet very powerful, step-by-step course specifically designed to help you get 100+ optins within the next 24-48 hours, and build a MASSIVE list from then on in practically any niche you can think of! 

Bonus #3 – Broad Targeting Formula 2.0 (Price: $97) 

Official site: 
Broad Targeting Fomular

Broad Targeting Formula will help you get the best performing ads of your life… all by tapping into truly DEVOTED and UNIQUE interests… Without weird software and without a ton of work… in 10 minutes or less. 

Bonus #4 – Yoast Basic SEO Training  (Price: $199)

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Yoast Basic SEO Training
The training consist of 5 modules, covering the most important aspects of holistic SEO. 

  1. Introduction to SEO
  2. Keyword Research & Site Structure
  3. Technical SEO
  4. SEO copywriting
  5. Usability & Conversion
  6. Yoast updates

Bonus #5 – Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 (Price: $97.00) 

Official site: Video Ads CrashCourse

An outstanding quality, evergreen did for you Facebook marketing training you can sell as your own and keep 100% of the profits. 

Bonus #6 – Email Millionaires System (Price: $297) 

Office Site: Email Millionaires

The whole idea behind the Email Millionaires system is to reveal the true secret and the real technique behind those blockbuster emails that generate revenues in the millions of dollars. 

Bonus #7 – Lazy Profit Explosion (Price: $297) 

Office Site: 
Lazy Profit Explosion

  • The secrets to tapping into an overlooked traffic source so that you never struggle to get traffic again 
  • How to step in front of WAVES of traffic and dominate your niche 

Bonus #8 – Email Traffic Academy (Price: $297) 

Office Site: 
Email Traffic Academy

The course that’ll teach you how to generate a flood of leads and sales using the most
responsive traffic on the internet. 

Bonus #9 – Recurring Video Profits (Price: $550.00) 

Official site: 
Recurring Video Profit
The secret video course that will help you create a recurring monthly income by only putting in the work once. 

Bonus #10 – SEO Content Machine 4.0 (Price: $118 

Office Site: SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine is the first multi-language content creator program. It has been proven to be a helpful tool in solving the Internet Marketers daily challenge of content creation. It is simple to use, very useful and effective in doing its job. SEO Content Machine accelerates link building with its functions and features. It also features blog management and posting as well as scheduling routinary tasks. It takes the pain out of creating SEO Content. 

Bonus #11 – Bing Your Ads (Price: $29.95) 

Office Site: 
Bings Your Ads

This is a training document which can help you build your ads group and keywords, then increase the effect of your ads and earn money from click to the web and buy your products. You can use this product no matter you are a newbie and don’t have any experience in this aspect. 

Bonus Pack #1 – SEO & Traffic Booster
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