Blogging Support Tools That Any Bloggers Should Know

Blogging Support Tools

As I said, finding ideas is a serious research when you want to start writing. If you have not yet found the idea of the article, You can reread the article sharing a few ways to find writing ideas that I posted on the previous article of Gateway Review, at the same time can experience the following tools:

Quora: A social network that shares similar questions and answers like Yahoo Answer, you can find the issues readers want to answer to build writing ideas. The truth is if English blogging has no idea you easy to forget your blog for months.


Quora Question Answer

Quora is a place I recently used to get ideas for keyword search to write articles for niche sites. Interesting that there are many questions you can answer. This is also a good blog traffic building site.

Twitter is one of the most famous “social network 140 characters” today, information shared on Twitter is shared widely and has a high follow-up rate. So you can use “Twitter Trending” to find article writing ideas.

Twitter global trends

Similar to Twitter you can use the trending of the big social networks in the world like Google+, Facebook, Yahoo Trend, Digg .. to find ideas writing articles.

Google TrendThis is a tool not too strange, you may have been introduced. Google gives you parameters to determine the popularity, trend of a topic, the keyword you are looking for. Based on Google Trend you may know if the topic is still interesting in the future or not.

Search for Keywords to Start Writing Articles

The keyword is a “bridge” that connects the reader to the search engine. You know, users often use search engines to find information and if you choose the right keywords you will have more readers visit the blog.

Keyword Planner

Similar to Google Trends, this is a Google product and quite familiar to you. The main function of “Keyword Planner” is to help you search for keywords on topics that interest you. The data of this tool is used by many search engines and keyword analysis as a basis for analysis.

Like the Keyword Planner, this is a tool support you find keywords on topics that interest you. Based on the keyword you provide, the keyword tool will give you the relevant keywords that you can choose to analyze.

When you have the idea to write articles and search for the right keywords you like, you should also try to analyze whether other bloggers Have written about this topic yet, have done well or not? If there really is a good article on that subject that is shared on the community why don’t you refer to their writing to complement your tutorial? The next tool will help you do that.


BuzzSumo is a tool for you to analyze the level of sharing of an article/topic on social networks (Google+, Facebook, Twiter ..). BuzzSumo will list for you the articles related to the keyword you are looking for. With these suggestions, you can easily find ideas to develop your article ideas. The free version of BuzzSumo only allows you to query 5 times a day, although limited, that is too much already. Besides BuzzSumo you can use Tosy, this is also the same activity tool like Buzzumo, but the search scope is focused only on Twitter.

Buzzumo Gateway Review

After having subject, keyword, reference article, the issue of naming for the article is also a dilemma, you know that the topic of the blog is very important, that is why the copyblogger often advise people to make a “hot” title to call “call to action”. However, it is not easy to set a title when you blog in English, so the two tools listed below will be indispensable in this case. Or you can read my article: “10 Tips To Set The Blog Title That Attracts Readers to know how to set the title effectively.

Portent Title Maker

This tool will suggest you the article titles that match the keyword of your choice. This is a tool I very like because it suggests a lot of good titles and appeals to the readers. To select the title satisfactory you select “refresh” to find the title that most matches.

Portent Title Maker

Blog Topics Generator

This is a pretty good tool by Hubspot, which works similarly to Portent Title Maker functionality, by providing three keyword suggestions, which will suggest you the five most relevant article titles.

Sort Writing and Posting Times

The last job is to write articles and post, you should arrange the time to focus on completing the article. I know there are many articles written throughout the week, many were written in a blink of an eye because of the surge of the idea.

I often use Google doc to write articles because if I do not finish work then when I have a free time I can still continue start work wherever there is the internet connection.

The best way is to sort the time and mood to complete the goal. Some of the small tools listed below will help you sort your writing work as well as other jobs throughout the day.

Evernote: This tool was initially difficult to use but after awhile you can get used to it, it is quite an effective tool to store web pages, bookmarks or to list the work.

Evernote on Gateway Review

Wunderlist: This is the tool that helps you manage your work efficiently, by creating to do lists for jobs you plan to work on for an hour, a day, a week …

Wunderlist Main UI

Besides the Wuderlist, Todoist is also a tool with similar features you can refer to.

So you can see that blogging is hard, professional blogging is even harder. From the search for ideas, choosing the topic of keyword analysis, search trends analysis, content development … is also the synthesis of a process that needs to be studied and practiced. Before you start writing, choose the time that you are most interested in writing to put your ideas into articles that share to the readers. Although your article does not output them, it is your effort, the result you have spent on refining each letter character.

Everybody always has a favorite topic and there are dozens of ideas in mind every second, every minute. It is important that how you express that idea today.

Finally, I hope that this article will give you once more some information about the tools you are looking to serve for blogging. If you have any good tool then share the tools you know by leaving a comment below this article.

Blogging Support Tools That Any Bloggers Should Know
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