The Best Email Marketing Services That Bloggers Should Know

Email marketing is becoming more and more popular when doing online marketing. If you are looking for email marketing service providers, you should follow up this article right away. In this article, Gateway Review will list you the best online email marketing tools that you should use for your business.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most popular methods of marketing products used in the recent years as the internet environment is growing. The use of email marketing tools enables manufacturers, marketers and sales units can communicate directly with customers to provide information about goods and services as well as provide customers with information about promotions about goods and products being sold. Email marketing can be delivered through software, email marketing tools or email marketing services. Through that, it can be seen that the email marketing solution allows us to sell more products but still balance the advertising budget.

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Why choosing an email marketing service provider becomes important?

The use of email marketing will help customers get product information, promotions on products faster than other traditional marketing methods. Some of the reasons you should use effective email marketing that I want to share in this article:

  • Will master the provision of information on products and services for customers, when customers search information about the product or even customers who have purchased the product can still be potential customers when you provide new quality products.
  • You can proactively use customer information without depending on advertising budgets. For marketing methods such as Facebook Ads, Google Adwords … you will not be able to manage customer information when the marketing program is over; if you want to maintain marketing activities and contact users you will have to additional budget for advertising. For e-mail marketing services, you can contact your customers whenever you want, like organize a marketing program such as offering discounts, giving gifts to customers.

I will share with you some of the popular email marketing services that you should use. In fact, these are The Best Email Marketing Services and trusted by the most users.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the largest and fastest growing email marketing services in the world. It is also known as an easy-to-use and user-friendly tool. With Constant Contact, you can use to manage email lists, contact email directories and use editable email marketing templates.

Each account at Constant Contact will allow you to easily monitor and review reports, build social media sharing tools and use image galleries and storage capacity of up to 1GB.

Constant Contact

You can use this tool for free within 60 days without paying any costs. After that time the fee will be applied. According to information from this service provider, the minimum application fee is $20 / month.


Aweber is one of the most popular email marketing service providers today. This service provider is trusted by most marketers around the world. Aweber supports most of the features for email marketing-related users from the management function of outgoing email information, built-in automated email calendars, and up to “Automation” features updated recently.


This is a very popular tool used until competitors appear. This tool also has many professional email templates needed for work.


GetResponse is one of the emerging email marketing service providers with great potential. The strength of this service provider is to provide users with beautiful and professional email templates.

The email marketing GetResponse service supports most of the tools available on the market, with great drag-and-drop functionality, GetResponse allows you to create beautiful and convenient email newsletters.


GetResponse supports users to try the service within 30 days, if the user is interested in their service the fee will be considered applied. The minimum service fee for the package is $ 15 per month.


MailChimp is one of many email marketing services trusted by many bloggers by simple but user-friendly management systems. This service provider integrates their services on a variety of support tools such as WordPress, Shopify

Just like other marketing services, MailChimp supports users with features for email editing, automatic emailing, optional email feature with email marketing samples introduce products are very professional


MailChimp provides free email marketing services for users with up to 2,000 emails. If you have the number of readers received email are less than 2000, you can use this provider to build your own email marketing system.


MailerLite is a new email marketing service provider appeared recently. This is the current service provider that I am using, according to myself rated this as the best email marketing service at the lowest cost.

MailerLite provides the utilities to build perfect email system. This service provider offers you many features so that you can make email editor, automatically send email according to the set schedule with RSS Feed. In addition to the Automation feature, you can also use beautiful email marketing templates from MailerLite.

MailerLite offers free email marketing services for those who have the list of subscribed to receive email up to 1000 email. You are allowed to use full-featured as a paid tool to send and receive mail, build client lists in the course of performing affiliate marketing activities. This is also considered as one of the free email services because it allows users to free use certain resources.


MailerLite provides users with very friendly rates for users anywhere in the world. If you using email marketing services here you only pay $ 10/month. This is considered as a cheap email marketing service that fits the budget of bloggers and marketers.

Currently, MailerLite is running a promotion, you can sign up for free $ 20 at the following link. Hopefully, with this little budget, you can experience the MailerLite service.

The use of effective email marketing is always paying attention, you can practice on your own to find out how to send email marketing effectively for yourself. There are lots of email marketing tutorials shared on the community, that is a very useful resource for you to practice using email marketing. I believe that in a short time you can know how to write professional email marketing as well as design your own impressive email marketing templates. If you can apply email marketing at work you will know exactly how to do email marketing.

According to you, the use of email marketing is effective? Please give me your opinion. Additional, you can view more about my article “Blogging Support Tools That Any Bloggers Should Know” to find more useful tools for building your blog. See you!

The Best Email Marketing Services That Bloggers Should Know
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