5 Mistakes Will Make You Can’t Earn Money From Blogging

Gateway Review will honestly with you that most bloggers can not make money from blogging!

And most bloggers give up blogging job … after 6 months!

What is the reason? Is blogging make money is too hard?

Exactly! This is a very difficult job.

But the opposite will be extremely interesting … if you pass 6 months and start enjoying the feeling … woa !!! You realize blogging can help you make money even when you sleep!

In this article, I will share with you 5 mistakes will make you can’t earn money from blogging work. If you are a blogger, so let’s see if you make the following mistakes. If there’s one, that’s probably why you’re not making money from your blog.

Blogging Mistake

MISTAKE 1: You Are Focused On Yourself That Forgets Your Readers

Most people come to your blog not because they care about who you are? What you write?…
They only care about one thing: Are you and your blog helping them solve the problem they are having? 
They have health problems, they are facing diabetes so they come to your blog to seek help and learn how to live with diabetes.

Therefore, if you are helping your readers by providing them with the solution they are looking for, they will more and more stick to your blog and introduce it to others.

But most bloggers do not understand this, they focus too much on themselves and forget about their readers. That is the style of blogging 10 years ago, that is you write about yourself, write what today, what to eat, where to write. Write about your dog, your cat, what it eats, your birthday …

It’s the kind of blogging for fun, not blogging for making money. So if you want to write a blog to make money, let forget about yourself, forget about your dog and cat and focus on writing to your readers and writing about their dog, cat!

MISTAKE 2: You Can’t Connect With Your Readers

Indeed, blogging requires a huge connection. Readers need to know who is behind this blog. What is their story? Is there a reason they need to read and hear your advice?

My experience shows that you will quickly become a trusted and beloved blogger if you are willing to share your personal story. That story can be described in a blog introduction or in your daily article, even the way you address your readers.

Using your own name instead of “me” is also a way to increase the connection (for example, Andrew, but I was too old to address like that. Haha) If you don’t use your proper names, use the word “I“, “me” but never use”we“. When you use the word “we“, your readers will feel they are “facing” a group of people and they feel you are not really responsible for what you share.

Use intimate words

In a nutshell, keeping a good connection helps increase trust and when it comes to belief, it is very simple to introduce or sell something for them to make money.

MISTAKE 3: You Are Too Impatient To Make Money

This is a common mistake! Most of the time at the moment, we all set up blogs with the goal to make money! That is not wrong, but it will fail if you are too impatient to make money when your blog is too new, not provide enough value and not build enough confidence for your target readers.

I dare to bet you that it is very difficult to make money in the first 3 months and more difficult if in 3 months you have not got at least 20 posts really worth… And if yes, it is only luck!
So I really advise you if you are in need of a quick money-making solution then building a blog will not be an option for you.
But if you want to help people, want a sustainable money-making solution, passive and really interesting then blogging is a great solution.

Too Impatient To Make Money

MISTAKE 4: You Don’t Really Understand What Your Readers Are Interested In

You will not earn money from your blog if you do not really understand your readers. To write what really matters to your readers, you need to understand them very well and here are two ways you can understand them:

  1. If you are a blogger and write about the topic of making money online, listen to what the reader respond to you via email, comment on the post and use it to build content ideas.
  2. If you are building an email list, let’s set up an automatic email chain and connect with them through your story and do not forget to ask questions.

Understand Your Readers

Individual Andrew (ew) occasionally asks questions like “What is the most difficult thing about making money online?” “What makes you not to blog and make money from it? … and usually after such emails I received a lot of feedback and this is the way to build contents of the article targeted to the problem of readers.
Some of the feedback I get the most are:

  1. Do not know how to start building a blog
  2. Do not know what to write about, how to attract readers
  3. Do not know how to make money from blog
  4. Need a lot of technical support

From these issues, I easily offer solutions such as:

  1. How to create a blog in 20 minutes
  2. A guide to writing a perfect review or 50 SEO tips for bloggers
  3. 5 ways to make money from blogs
  4. 6 settings to do right after installing your blog

All that comes out of asking questions, understanding readers, and the ultimate goal is to find out what problems they are having that help them solve the problem right through the blog content!

MISTAKE 5: You Think Blog Already Has Enough Traffic

So you do not continue to write articles and try to increase traffic. It means you feel satisfied with the level of income and current traffic! The bad news is that you will slowly lose traffic and decrease (or lose) your earnings if you stop updating the content!
There is one most important formula in making money blogging is: Good Content -> More Traffic -> Make More Money

Making money blogging


So you need to plan to write regularly, the goal is to let the reader feel your blog is “still alive” daily!
Do not let your blog die!
Some other ways you can increase daily traffic are:

  • Learn a bit about SEO to get more traffic
  • Connect with other bloggers through activities such as interviewing, guest posting, etc.
  • Use at least one email marketing tool such as MailChimp, GetResponse or ConvertKit and focus on building email lists from the very beginning.

∴ Conclusion

The above are 5 Mistakes Will Make You Can’t Earn Money From Blogging despite trying to write, try to work. Remember these mistakes to avoid, 5 mistakes that are:

  1. You Are Focused On Yourself That Forgets Your Readers
  2. You Can’t Connect With Your Readers
  3. You Are Too Impatient To Make Money
  4. You Don’t Really Understand What Your Readers Are Interested In
  5. You Think Blog Already Has Enough Traffic

Finally, I hope that this article will give you avoid the common mistakes of bloggers can’t earn money, wish you success!

5 Mistakes Will Make You Can’t Earn Money From Blogging
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