3 Tricks & 8 Tips Of Cross-Selling In Online Business


Consumers often want to find products quickly when shopping online, so they need the ideas or product options that you recommend for them. That is also why the presentation of related products is extremely important in the online business. It not only help you drive sales but also best meet the needs of your target customers.

Related items can be identified based on the color, size, style, and purchase history of users. However, how to arrange them to stimulate the audience that not everyone can do, sometimes the software or codes automatically directed customers to the page that content is not appropriate. The article below will share 3 Tricks of Cross-Selling in online business to help you know how to better present your product.

1. Combine multiple options for customers

One of the typical examples of this trick is the Ties.com website, their product page incorporates three types of related product introduction very unique.

Combine multiple options for customers

Instead of just using the custom color and usually style, Ties.com links options with a separate product link. For example, if you are looking at a blue bow but want to refer to black for comparison, after clicking on, you will immediately be redirected to the black product page. This optimizes the internal linking of the website while minimizing the search effort for the user, while also saving you space for displaying products with too many attributes (eg, bow tie with dozens color as shown below)

Ties.com also displays relevant products to give users more options.

Related Products Based On Style

2. Introduce Other Products That Users Also See

Kohls.com is a website that makes a difference using this unique related product presentation method. Instead of listing comparable products like Ties.com, Kohl’s shows users the products that many other customers refer. Kohl’s way of doing this is to show users what products are “hot” on their list, of course, that products are related to the product they are viewing. Crowd psychology will stimulate the viewer rather than the usual introduction.

Introduce Other Products That Users Also See

3. Remind people of additional products

This is a tactic that the big boss in e-commerce – Amazon – is applying.

Remind people of additional products

For example, if you are looking at a tank top, you will be presented with somethings accordant like bras, socks, jeans.

Remind people of additional products 2

Or, when you want to buy a food blender, you will be presented with a sandwich maker.

By reminding the user about these sub-products Amazon has successfully increased the average order value on the website, a simple but useful method.

The above methods are 3 Tricks of Cross-Selling in online business. Next, the Gateway Review will share with you 8 tips that will help you increase your purchase rate. Maybe it does not involve cross-selling but it will help you more in selling products.

1. Prepare Enough Products Before Recommending

It is not that you think and list out all the related products and then buy to hoard. Just make sure that you have the product to meet the additional needs of the customer, then introduce more whether guests still need anything else. For example, customers buy Laptop, you consult to buy more mouse, mouse pads, laptop cleaning pack, keyboard loose …

2. Update Website Regularly

In order to cross-sell right at your website effectively, it is necessary to constantly find out and update additional products regularly. Choose a good display location, such as on the billing page or just below the product introduction. Have to synchronize continuously, which may be the reason why you lose the ability to sell only because customers can’t find additional products when buying.

3. Offer More Incentives

“Free shipping for all orders over $ 50”, this is how Shopee is doing so successfully, many other stores are also using it to encourage customers to buy more.
Using vouchers, coupons, membership cards, etc. is also a way to stimulate your customers.

Offer More Incentives

4. Combo

Calculate and find the price that is both profitable for you and makes your customers feel good. You can refer to how KFC is used to cross-sell their products:

KFC use combo to cross-sell
The dishes are arranged in harmony, giving customers the feeling they have saved a certain amount of money compared to the needs they need.

5. Introduce one more product line

Do you notice the small print on products such as “this product will be better when used with ABC, …”, “For best results, share with xyz, …” “Your hair is more beautiful if used with conditioner bla bla bla …”. If you have products of the same line, why not try it now?

For example, in a cafeteria, which usually comes with drinks, after ordering, guests can choose from a variety of drinks, such as coffee and orange juice, without going to other restaurants. In the same with Internet environment, when you buy an ebook on Amazon (Kindle versions are very soft compared to paper books, only about $3 back), you are introduced to the similar books head. Or when register Domain in Godaddy, you are often invited to register for Hosting services to get a significant discount on domain purchase.

6. Quote From “Expert”

Quote From Expert

Quote from expert to cross-sell (Illustration)

Experts, somehow they have built up their reputation. Illustrate in a sentence, then attach a photo of a specialist, you will see the effect? What do you think if your product is used by Bill Gates and posted a good experience?

To cross-sell this way is not easy, because where to find celebrities to review your products? The answer is you, you are the expert, let start with yourself, create a trust for your customers, they will think you are an expert.

7. Chat with your customers

There is a more subtle way that can increase your revenue, making communication between you and your customers efficient and simple.

You can create a contact form on your website or you can set up Live Chat to communicate directly with your visitors. This will allow you to answer questions in real time and must support, advise customers to encourage them to make a purchase decision even more, or simply check out their cart and do not miss the products that can be consumed. Everyone loves a devoted support and your ability to sell will increase tremendously.

8. Discount For 2nd Purchase

This method is no different from the following “combo” method, but to do otherwise. This helps customers buy more of what they want but may not be needed. However, it also needs to calculate the profitability you and the customer can accept.

You see, Cross-Selling In Online Business can be applied across every sales channel, from online sales to chain stores, to the more efficient use of Cross-Sell in sales channels across multiple channels but centralized management – Omnichannel.

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