25 Ways To Increase Sales Quickly For Online Shop


How to increase your online sales quickly? This seems like an easy question for many, but the truth is that even the pro when reached a certain level of revenue, will have to struggle to increase their revenue. Want to increase sales, requires you to spend a lot of effort and research, apply the model PDCA cycle – plan, do, check, adjust.

Increase Sales Quickly For Online Shop

To increase your online revenue, you need to know the following golden rules/recipe:

Sales = Unique Visitors (UV) X Conversion Rate (CVR) x Average Order Volume (AOV)


  • Sales = Revenue.
  • Unique Visitors = Number of unique visitors accessing the website (based on cookies).
  • Conversion rate = Success rate.
  • Average order volume = The average value of an order.

No need to be a marketing savvy, obviously you can realize if you increase any of the variables in the formula (from the number of visitors, the percentage of successful purchases, the average price increase of 1 product) they both increase sales.

How do you do it? Gateway Review has shared with you the following 3 tutorials below, which is equivalent to a total of 25 jobs you have to do!

How to make your Unique Visitors increased dizziness?

1. Before even thinking of increasing traffic, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have plenty of products/product lines on the web! No new goods, no unique goods = No choice = No marketing = $ 0 revenue!

2. Make sure you use SEO friendly website building services.

3. Expand traffic exchange sources, and diversifying advertising channels are the strategies used by pro marketers at the moment. Consider partnering with deal sites if you want to get traffic quickly (do not encourage much use), or can expand the customer by opening the free shop on classified channels.

How to increase Unique Visitors

4. Extend your traffic by Google Ads, Social Media, Price comparing, Affiliate, partner sites, and any other channels you found, both paid and free. Make every effort to have more new visitors and try to collect their database by getting them to sign up, sign up for email, subscribe, or follow the social sites of your shop such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

5. Encourage visitors to return via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,…), email marketing, and other free channels that you can think of. (Add guests to the group on chat tools such as Line, Kakao, Zalo … because of these tools, current reach is still 100%)

6. Create a lot of seasonal promotions or loss-leader tactics. This tactic is similar to the tactics of the supermarket, the brand applied to increase the return of customers.

7. Create relationships – with other stores to grow together (having friends is always more beneficial than harmful.) Always think about marketing channels related to the product, try to scour the where your most targeted customers are!

8. If you have an offline store, always encourage visitors to shop with your website or facebook page, this will help you keep in touch with customers, increase their return on purchases (of course we should add some spices to encourage them to return, such as loyalty program bonuses, buy 5 get 1…)

How to make your successful purchase rate increase vertically?

An illustration of how the Conversion Rate is calculated. For example, the conversion rate is 5%. Similar to the fact that Every 100 people will have 5 buyers, in other words, every 20 people visit the shop, there will be 1 buyer!


9. Website Optimization: Your homepage and product pages should be designed in your own style, perhaps by highlighting the attractive offers or strengths of the product you have, or sometimes by just offering the user a friendly interface, easy to go around the site without getting lost, and most importantly help them decide to buy the fastest way! You can do this by tracking Google Analytics, checking the Bounce Rate (Benchmark for a small online shop is 34%) and optimize it!

10. Optimize product pages by ensuring that product images are always clear, eye-catching, product names and information are always optimized for the search engine. (Always keep in mind that your visitors, especially the fashion industry likes to look at pictures, very lazy to read)

11. Always point out the strengths of the product will help you easily get more customers, according to experience from other advertising industries such as TV / Newspaper. In addition, testimonials from the customers have used the product is very good, do not forget to remind customers to leave some Review to increase the trust for your website!

12. Keeping an eye on the shipping costs, it is best to cover this cost with the customer (a tip that you can add to the price of the product) because FREE SHIPPING always attracts customers. 😀

13. Provide customers with a clear shipping process, return policy, and exchange should also be mentioned to increase customer trust.

14. Throughout the website, always put the banner, the text is Call-to-action (Always give customers the option to buy the fastest!), You can put them on the website topper, and make them cool and eye-catching.


15. If you have enough human resources, make sure you have a chat box – live support so that when customers need to chat and ask (please remember that fashion buyers often need to ask before buying!).

16. There should be sales promotion programs such as “Promotion gift” for first-time buyers, especially new customers by offering coupons for subsequent purchases (increased re-purchases), or small items not worth the price, but an advantageous weapon to help you push sales easily.

17. Always create attractive “promotion” programs, which can be weekly, seasonal, liquid, or simply fun event for those days unlike any other, help your shop stand out and memorable by most customers! In addition, you should note that these events only discount a small number, and big discount only made 1 or 2 times a year.

18. Check the traffic from mobile, considering the ability to build a simple wap site for light and simple mobile, if your pay traffic is over 20% from mobile! You can check this kind of website on Google!

19. Another important thing to keep in mind is the effectiveness of your site. Your tireless efforts can become wasted if your site is not performing well in a stage of sales. You can try using tools such as Pingdom (paid), to monitor the effectiveness of the site, or simply use Google Analytics is also good!

How to increase the average value of an order without reducing sales?

Increase Average Order Value

20. Generate joint purchase packages, or discounts on multiple purchases (Bundle package sales.)

21. Always encourage users with cross-sells and up-sells when possible.

22. Similar to the above, create the good price accessory line that comes with outfits to upsell guests!

23. Sell cheap items, good for guests to make a good impression, then start offering higher value items to upsell!

24. If you are selling reusable items, give them after-sales service to assist when needed!

25. Finally, if your payment method is cash, or pay after delivery (Cash on Delivery (COD)), do not forget to call sales follow up to check and increase the purchase ability of them!

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