10 Tips To Increase The Effectiveness Of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is always one of the marketing tools, the lowest cost but effective. However, not many people can take full advantage of it. This is a tool to take care of and interact with customers very well, but many people have made it labeled advertising. So how to make an effective email marketing campaign. Today, Gateway Review will reveal to you 10 tips to optimize email that help it becomes friendly and can sell better.

email marketing tips

Email Marketing – The effective way to send emails

1. Important Of Letter Title 

Just like any article title, the letter title is the same as this, it must be good and attractive to the customer so that they will open the message. Content inside the letter we temporary have not considered because if the message title is not attractive or not good then nobody opens the message to read the content inside. You do not need to write high-faluting or sublime words, you just need to take care of the customer you target to focus on what do they really need. Just hit the customer psychology is the most valuable words and worthy for you to invest time and effort. Therefore, in addition to attractive content is useful information, shocking price information, the letter title is a very important factor.

Letter Title

Hunter Boyle once said, “Imagine when your customers see the email and they have to say “What’s up” Then in that letter, you have to do something so they get attracted by your email”
Therefore, in order to write a concise letter is very difficult. You need to identify the audience your campaign will target based on customer habits and preferences.

2. Simple Is The Best ( Length Of Letter Title )

According to the leading marketing experts, the email header containing 6-10 words is an ideal length. And according to Retention Science’s survey of 260 million emails from 540 different campaigns, the vast majority of email headlines are from 11 to 15 characters.

Just like speech articles, essays, if I ask you to write as long as possible. Sure you will, right? But if your presentation is only about 50 lines, can you do it? Hunter Boyle realizes, “All of us need to challenge ourselves by writing short and put in it the enthusiasm within certain word limits.” Setting yourself the number of words used in the title will increase the chances that your email will be read by the customers from the first time. Content in the email should be also limited, there is a secret for you is the length should be only in a screen page, including content and images are best suited.

3. Email content

The main content is the piece of information you want to provide to your customers. This part must make them satisfy the curiosity by what you wrote in the title. The content you need to write is brief but needs the most detail, and should not be confusing to the reader.
Provide direct information to customers through the use of short, concise sentences. It is possible to use more colors in the font (2-3 colors), should not be too much because such annoying for the reader, limited use too many words underlined, italic, bold, Insert link.

Email Content

4. Compatible with smartphones

This is a factor that must be taken into account in 2017 as well as in the years to come. The number of mobile users is increasing rapidly. So if your email is using non-optimal designs, friendly designs then it’s not good, it does not bring comfort to the email readers.

You should test on multiple devices. Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy a dozen mobile phones, just simply provide your email message’s HTML. Access Litmus then opens your email message in multiple readers, snaps screenshots of each, and sends you an email with the results. The process usually takes just a few minutes.

5. Be A Close Friend

Online consumers are alway eager to receive interactive and user-friendly services, not only in the procurement process but also in customers care and provide information. Do you know the types of TVC natural ads? It is extremely friendly ads that do not contain a lot of product images or action languages. It touches the heart of the viewer and makes the viewers thrilled every time watch it.

Be A Close Friend

With an email campaign as well, even if the expression is bound in dry words but consumers still want to receive the message full of love and affection in it. So you have to write not only coherent but also friendly. For example, instead of using formal words such as “ABC Company” to communicate with customers, you can use the word “we” to create a friendly feel with your customers.

6. But always call for action

Customers always need to remind. They will not do anything if your posts or emails are purely informative and do not call for a purchase. Let’s use “Call to action” a smart way, do not cram it in the email. An email should only have 1 to 2 Call to Action appearances.

Although it may seem paradoxical, too many choices can cripple your readers. In a famous research by Sheena Iyengar at Columbia University, a group of people sold six flavors of jelly, while another group was offered 24 flavors of jelly. Of those who tried 24 flavors, only 3% bought it. However, for those who sell 6 flavors, up to 30% of buyers buy jelly. In his book, The Paradox of Choice, the psychologist Barry Schwartz argues that too many choices can create anxiety for shoppers, leading to hesitation.

Call to action

7. Image is an indispensable element

Viewers always like to see images, they are afraid to read the text. A vivid image, accompanied by sharp messages in that more effective than a normal page of text. Let’s Design an eye-catching picture that will convey your message. In addition, placing the image in the right place will give the reader a sense of well-being as well as increase the efficiency of its purchase. I will write about this in later articles.

Examples are the images you saw in my article, which help you feel less bored and focused a lot more right? I am sure you will do better than me 🙂

8. Always include feedbacks

Maybe email marketing feedback is its weakest point. Many people regularly send campaign email but forgot to include information feedback so that the interaction between them and customers is almost none. That means you have not got customers. Let’s take advantage of the email you send to collect customer information via links for customers to send feedback or comments to you. What’s more meaningful than having customers submit their comments to you, then the information you get will be valuable data for future email marketing campaigns. Besides, you can completely send your website info or your online sales channel in your email. Not only adds more credibility to customers, but it is also a secret to attracting customers to your site.

9. Signature

Signatures in emails are just like business cards when you market directly. Customers will easily know your personal information, which will create trust, they will know that this is not a fraudulent email, unknown information.
The signature in the email is also a link so customers can refer to your company information in just one click. In addition, when using general email signatures in the company, will create a professionalism in the eyes of customers and store the brand of your company longer with them.

Email Signature

To successfully implement email marketing campaigns, content is a very important part. In addition, you can use the support email marketing software or GetResponse software integrates marketing services.

10. Set the appropriate time

You do well on all of this, from succinct, attractive title to content, harmonic layout picture, and clear contact information, will customers open your mail for the first time? According to the research, the time for customers to open mail is mostly 9-10 am and 3-4 pm. So if you send an e-mail, select this times period to send the email, sure it will help you get effective.

In the end, I want to thank you for reading my content. I will write more articles on “tip & trick” to help you exploit the potential of online marketing. If my articles helpful, leave a comment, your feedback is also very valuable to me. If nothing else, you can read more about “how to write efficient blog” here.

10 Tips To Increase The Effectiveness Of Email Marketing
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